Cold River Fleece Skirts
Custom made to Order.  Fleece Skirts ship every 1-2 weeks via USPS Priority Mail.

Fleece Skirt Details

Fleece Skirt Fabric
All fleece skirts are made of 100% polyester, which makes your fleece skirt very easy to wash and keep clean.
Fleece Skirt Waistline
Shown here is a fleece skirt that is inside out.  The waist of a fleece skirt is about 1.5 inches in width with two sets of zig-zag stitch.  The result for all fleece skirts is a smooth exterior finish.
Fleece Skirt Cut
Both the ankle and knee length fleece skirts are a flattering A-line cut.  The fleece skirt is a slim fit around the waist and hips, then widens toward the bottom of the fleece skirt to allow for easy movement.