Cold River Fleece Skirts
Custom made to Order.  In Summer, Fleece Skirts ship in 1-2 weeks via USPS Priority Mail
Fleece Skirt ready for an evening out
A fleece skirt can be dressed up or go casual.  You will soon find your fleece skirt is one of the most versatile garments in your wardrobe. 
Fleece Skirts are great 
for Skiing
Fleece skirt can be worn on the slopes, or slip into your fleece skirt for apres ski.

Factory Temporarily Closed

Due to a Grand Canyon Dories trip, skirt ordering and production are temporarily unavailable.

Ordering will be available late October.

Fleece Selection

All Fleece Skirts are 100% Polyester, Polar Fleece.  Fleece Skirts are easy to keep clean and quick drying.

Black For Fleece Skirt
Camel Beige for Fleece Skirt
Camel Beige
Chocolate Brown for Fleece Skirt
Chocolate Brown
Sage Green for Fleece Skirt
Sage Green
Olive Green for Fleece Skirt
Olive Green (Knee Only)
Regal Purple for Fleece Skirt
Regal Purple (Knee Only)
Smokey Blue for Fleece Skirt
Smoky Blue (Knee Only)
Cranberry Red for Fleece Skirt
Cranberry Red (Out of Stock)
Bubble for Fleece Skirt
Bubble (Out of Stock)
Party Lights for Fleece Skirt
Party Lights (Out of Stock)
Batik for Fleece Skirt
Blue and White Batik (Out of Stock)
Blue Southwest Dots for Fleece Skirt
Blue Southwest Dots (Out of Stock)
Tiger for Fleece Skirt
Tiger (Out of Stock)
Tulip for Fleece Skirt
Tulip (Knee Only)
Garden Stripe for Fleece Skirt
Garden Stripe
Fleece Skirt in Action 
Wondering how you might use a fleece skirt?  Check out what Island Paddler blogger, Nadja has to say about her experience enjoying a fleece skirt.